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Bootcamp Warrior 8 Week Challenge

Each bootcamp is planned and structure to progress and individual through 8 weeks of either cardio, body sculpting( tabata based weight training) or boxing so they reach a high level at the end. it is $80 for 8 sessions, $160 for 16 or $240 for 24 in the 8 week[…]

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Nutrition for muscle development

Nutrition for muscle development 20 kg club is a place of recognition for my clients that have lost 20kg or more. You will have your picture and story in a section of my website to inspire all

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Fight for Fitness

Fighting for fitness is the funnest way to get fit and learn some great combos, boxing and muay thai techniques.  Through this training you will receive rock hard abs with intensive core training but you will also gain confidence, focus, fitness and a disciplined mind.

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